What can be dumped in the dumpster

When renting a dumpster, nearly all of your household or business waste can be dumped in this giant roll off. However, most services and cities are very strict about what can’t go into the dumpster, and as you read more below you’ll see why.

Oils – including excess cooking oil and oils from vehicles like motor, transmission and brake fluids can cause blocks in the drain system. Without knowing this information, a dumpster rental company will dispose of this incorrectly – and in large volumes.

The results are that city drain systems and nearby plumbing systems will be affected. The cost of repairing these infrastructures can be exceptionally high. Be sure to check which disposal locations are available for bulk oils and fluids.

oil waste in Riverside

The same applies to wet paint, which can change the color of the dumpster, but the paints – as with oils – can taint food chains through waterways when the rain falls and the chemicals run off into drains.

Some dumpster services will however allow dry paint to enter the system and this can be accomplished by leaving it out in the hot sun to dry. Ask before disposing of this substance however.

Think Chemicals – that can affect our food chains, like poisonings that kill pests. Not only are the compressed gas in cans dangerous if they become too hot and explode, the drippings of these chemicals can create havoc in our food supplies – even on organic farms close by.

Batteries – are considered to be combustible parts if there are large quantities disposed of at the same time. Consider dumping household batteries and automotive ones at dedicated recycling centers like Walmart.

Homeowners should further note that storing old batteries at home is a risk when it comes to mercury exposure or the possibility of the batteries exploding. A better alternative to regular batteries are rechargeable ones that last a long time and save money in the long run too.

Weight – One unexpected restriction is the weight of the roll off dumpster given that the vehicle picking it up and dropping it off will have maximum capacity limits. Failure to comply with these weight limitations can cause accidents and even fatalities on the roadways.

Electronics – should also be thrown out at dedicated recycling centers for some of the same reasons that batteries aren’t allowed. This includes the fact that certain metals contain mercury and lead which can affect animals, adults and children.

Many of these restrictions pose grave risks to workers who pick up the trash as well as the public at large. If you’d like to know where you can throw these items, be sure to check with the Riverside city website, or call the county clerk who will be happy to provide the details. It’s also important to read up all the restrictions when renting a roll off dumpster to prevent hundreds and thousands in fines.

One of the safest bets is to speak directly with a company representative regarding what’s allowed and prohibited in these dumpsters. Other restrictions include whether or not these can be parked on city streets.

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